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Growth partners for cybersecurity and SaaS startups

During over 30 years of operation, our priority has always been to maintain strong relationships with employees, customers, and suppliers


SeedOp - Your Asia business co-founders

The idea of SeedOp was born in 2008 when our founders were running Asia business for mid stage cyber security companies.

The companies had allocated limited budgets to the region and yet the expectations were same as the mature markets where they had long and stable presence. There was a big gap in expectations vs. the reality.

The Asia customers and channel expected and demanded long term commitment to the region with adequate and consistent investments in resources, marketing and local support.

Most early growth stage startups are rarely able to commit upfront to a new region. They first want to see the traction and then seek budgets from the board accordingly. It becomes a chicken and egg story and by the time you decide to enter the region, it’s a bit too late.

SeedOp founders decided to solve this paradox by creating a bridge to Asia and since then, have successfully launched and grown 20+ startups under our unique co-operative partnership models that provide you a low risk and high growth access to the exciting APAC region.

We have built SeedOp to be exactly the kind of Force Multiplier Partner that we ourselves would have loved to work with, during our executive careers.

Our Core Values

Align with the passion of the founder and execute with the same spirit.
Deliver what you commit, walk the talk.
Always be prepared to weather the storms and grow.

Create impact, not boil the ocean.


Say what you mean and do what you say.


When you form partnership with SeedOp, you get access to a team of 120+ executives, sellers, technology evangelists, customer success specialists and developers working for your objectives.

Co Founder and Managing Partner

Sunil Sapra

Sunil has been providing APAC launch & scale under the unique “Seed & Operate” model to global security startups since 2009. The quintessential start-up man, Sunil has already helped 25+ start-ups in their setup – launch – scale journey as Partner, Investor and Advisor. He is based in Singapore and has over 27 years of APAC leadership, Business development and investment experience.

He is credited with reviving WatchGuard India business in 2007 and since then has helped Astaro (Sophos), KEMP Technologies (Progress Software), Seclore, Onymos, Sysdig, SAFE Security, 1Kosmos, MAGE and Corsa Security in APAC markets. 

Sunil is an engineering graduate from the prestigious BITS, Pilani and an expert in cybersecurity, Identity & Privacy domains.

He is also a published poet, prolific writer and motivational speaker. He published his first book Faqeera Chal Chala Chal™ in 2017 and is working on the next one.

Investor & Board Advisor

Eduardo Cervantes

Eduardo is the CEO of Corsa Security and is scaling up the company as a global Palo Alto Networks Technology partner. His expertise is in growing mid-sized companies to major market players with successful exits.

He has worked with some of the top Private Equity and Ventures investors in the US and Europe, running operations in several continents. Eduardo is a member of the Forbes Business Council.

Eduardo has served as Board Director for Password Bank (acquired by Symantec), CloudIT (acquired by Ingram Micro), Quaartz (acquired by Cisco), and ClearPath Technologies (acquired by ACNielsen) among others, and has led global organizations with over 5,000 employees as well as smaller teams.

Eduardo was named one of the 30 CEOs of 2022 in The Silicon Review’s December 2022 issue. The CIO Bulletin, a preeminent leadership platform for information on Business IT leaders, also names him as one of the 10 CEOs to watch in 2022. Eduardo began his career at Goldman Sachs. He holds an MBA, a Master of Statistics, and a Computer Science degree from the University of Texas at Austin.

Director - Greater China Region

Jackson Shum

Jackson Shum has three decades of experience in Cybersecurity, where he has led sales, marketing, and channel management in the Greater China region.

He held several positions of leadership including Country Manager at Barracuda, Sales Director at Astaro/ Sophos, KEMP Technologies, WatchGuard, and Head of Distribution at SAP.

Jackson is based in Guangzhou and Hong Kong.

Head of Marketing & Business Development

Sanjay Khera

Sanjay is a passionate modern marketeer with extensive experience in B2B channel, enterprise marketing, RevOps and global business development.

Sanjay comes to SeedOp with over 25 years of rich experience in helping global security vendors establish their brand and channel ecosystem in India & APAC markets and driving high growth. He has donned multiple hats at WatchGuard, F-Secure and Sysdig in their Asia operations and most recently, was leading the global marketing and channel expansion for Klassify.

Sanjay is based out of New Delhi, India.

Chief Culture Officer and Success Coach


Jyoti is an acclaimed Success coach with over 26 years of executive coaching and leadership experience with top global organizations.

She was the head of Visa Fraud Prevention department in US Embassy before turning a full-time coach in 2013. Since then, Jyoti has been on board coach with a 20B+ / 5,00,000 people global consulting giant, one of the largest insurance companies, a global leader in hospitality industry, as well as multiple SMEs and startups.

She has coached over 1000 people of various nationalities, cultures, age groups, mid-senior management for success, work life balance, leadership, transitions, and multiple such disruptive objectives.

She has coached Founders/ leadership teams of many of Seedop ventures, team members and ecosystem partners and helped them in their growth journey.

Advisors & Associates

SeedOp has a stellar team of mentors, advisors and associates that include successful CEOs, global executives and serial entrepreneurs.

Let's build something awesome together!

Let's build something awesome together!


Hit your targeted revenue and beyond with our evident service models

Let's build something awesome together!


SeedOp has been dedicated to providing Asia Land & Expand to global tech companies for 15 years.


Beaufitul craftmanship over
30 years in the making


Excellent Track Records

Aggregated group of 200 people with inspiring success in being global executives, bankers, serial
entrepreneurs that can facilitate the growth of tech-driven companies in the APAC region. We have
Investors, Advisors and Associates coming together from regions like Singapore, America and India
with expertise in value added reselling, integrated products, pre-sales and much more.

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